This year's conference themed tools for success in business, will honour the presence of approximately 6 to 10 guest speakers and 20-30 business representatives from our partnering organizations. Through keynote and panel discussions, it will cover a variety of topics such as: building confidence, leveraging disabilities during the recruitment process and how to explore opportunities to maximize potential. Panel discussion themes may change pending speakers’ experiences and preferences, as well as sponsors’ directed interests.



Past Speakers



Our Keynote Speaker: Clint Malarchuck


We are proud to present you this year's keynote speaker: Clint Malarchuck. Clint, a former hockey player in the NHL, is now a coach, author and motivational speaker. Following a life-threatening injury on the ice in 1989, Clint had to slow down his hockey player career and a few years later, became a coach. Malarchuck's injury had a big impact on his mental health and he had to seek treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and alcoholism. A few years later, Clint suffered from a gunshot in the head, which was later announced to be self-inflicted. Once known as the “Cowboy Goalie”, “The Tough Guy”, Clint was quick to realize he wasn’t as invincible as he thought to be. The day we accepted the fact he wasn’t “mentally weak but rather mentally hill”, his life took a turn. After changing his medications, seeking professional help and with the support of friends and family, Clint turned his life around. He is now dedicated to helping as many people as possible by sharing his story, speaking for various mental health organizations while still keeping a foot in hockey by coaching. Clint is now a changed man, he knows he will forever have to dedicate a lot of effort towards his mental health but he intends on taking his “third chance at life” to the fullest extent.



Our Panel Speakers

Will be announced shortly. 

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